History and Palace of Versailles Facts

In the southwest part of Paris, the Palace of Versailles can be found. This is considered to be the seat of their French royalty. The mentioned palace serves as the house of their government in France. The same was also true for its royalty. This kind of practice was started during Louis XIV’s reign. This was also observed during the time of Louis XVI and Louis XV. This stopped though after the occurrence of the French Revolution in the year 1789. These are some of the palace of Versailles facts known to many.

As mentioned above, the palace is situated in southwestern Paris. It is around 10 miles in in the said border. It goes side by side the Versailles settlement. Prior to the palace’s construction initiated by the desire of Louis XIV, the settlement used to be a large urban center, the largest actually, in France. This was a dubbed as a helmet during the revolution. The population of the people living their almost reach 60,000 people. This was the reason why it was seen as a really big center for urban.

versailles_hall_of_mirrors.png (700×305)

The Versailles palace held the gardens, palace, and hunting ground for the royals, small structure called the Grand Trianon and an estate meant for Marie Antoinette. This was the status of the complex before the revolution was carried out. There were even buildings in the place. These were seen in the town and in the palace itself. These was offered as a house for the war and even that of the foreign affairs ministries. The residences were also there because they were not allowed to use the palace as their residence.

Upon entering the palace, sculptures and paintings will definitely be seen. There were also rooms which were designed with ornaments. The Hall of Mirrors can be taken as an example. Even during that time, technological innovations were also witnessed. This was evident with the presence of pressurized water fountains. These were seen in the garden. These were meant to jet water which was in the air. The area was also made up of a banquet hall. This was intended for dances and balls. This transpired because of the opera house in the palace. This opera house was created with a mechanical device. This enable the rising of the stage from the orchestra.

To sum up everything, the palace was meant to leave a lasting impression to spectators. It was claimed as a mirage and even a place for entertainment. The architecture was a full embodiment of the power and glory of France. It was the extension of the place’s magnificence, luxury and art. There were so many publications written for Versailles. There were some published by Valerie Bajou.

Who would have thought that the place was originally a hunting palace? Louis XIII was responsible for this. This was the time when he bought a land up. Then it came with a chateau. Afterwards, he participated in various hunting trips. This then ended up as a hunting lodge.